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The Law of Reciprocity - An Essential Part of Life

The Law of Reciprocity is one of the most fundamental laws of humanity. This golden rule has been taught for ages to little children in an effort to pass on the Law of Reciprocity. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a simple way of getting children to understand that you receive in return that which you put into the universe. Karma is another way of describing this law.

As children, if we wanted friends we needed to be friendly to others. Bullies were not born bullies, they usually were picked on by somebody bigger and stronger than themselves. The same Law of Reciprocity can be applied to adults as well.

In adulthood Karma, or the Law of Reciprocity, becomes slightly more complicated, but essentially remains the same. People who help others are more likely to be helped out in their times of need. People who hurt other people end up lonely, confused and afraid. You get back whatever you put out.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the same people you help will be the ones who help you out. Reciprocity comes in many shapes and forms. When people see that you are genuinely giving they know that their own help will be well received. When you help others reach their goals your self-image and self-esteem sky-rocket. This, in turn, helps you become more helpful - a win-win situation.

It is important to remember that the reciprocation of giving to others is not always immediate. Some people get discouraged by this, and by giving up on helping others, these people give up on helping themselves. So, it is important to persevere the attempts to “spread the love”. It will come back to you later.

The Pay-It-Forward principle is a really great way to describe the Law of Reciprocity. Whatever you put into the world, you will get back. It may happen later. It may be from an entirely unexpected source, but it will affect your life in a positive manner, one way or another.

Business people have recently begun to put the Law of Reciprocity to work for them in the professional arena. Only those who know how to treat people well and give as much as they receive are truly powerful. The person who is familiar with this law is a better colleague, service provider and supervisor.

People want to be hired by them and to stay working for them. Success reciprocity begins its work. Word spreads about who is good to do business with. And the Law of Reciprocity has done its job.

The Law of Reciprocity” has recently become more of a household phrase, but humans have understood it for centuries. Whether it is illustrated by the Golden Rule, labeled as Karma or incarnated in a social movement, the fact remains that the law of reciprocity is integral to human life as we know it.

The Other Side of the Law of Reciprocity Is Saying 'Thank You'

In a world where "me, me, me" is becoming more and more a daily dogma, it becomes difficult to give in order to receive. But humankind is built to appreciate acts of charity, of giving, of caring. To those who make your life easier, you can show that you two are one and the same when you simply say 'thank you'. Those who practice the Law of Reciprocity have more success at business, love and life.

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