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The Power of Positive Thinking and an Affirmative Action Plan

Having positive thinking skills and an affirmative action plan is a proven way of accomplishing goals. Truly successful positive people understand that both of these things are essential to their success.

Positive Thinking versus Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts only get in the way of achievements and discourage people from shooting for their goals. Negative people who think this way will never be successful.

affirmative action planSomeone who nurses negative thinking says “I can't write” and will not even try to write an article. But a person who auto-suggests that “I am a good writer” not only will write the article, but will get better each time they do try. They are not trapped by negativity and will succeed with ease.

Many of us are trapped in a cycle of thinking negatively. This is dangerous and leads to depression and stagnation. In order to break this cycle it may be necessary to put sticky notes with positive statements around the house and in the office. Repeating positive thoughts over and over also helps, whether it is out loud, or to ourselves. It IS possible to break the cycle of negative thought.

Positive Thinking and Affirmative Thinking

Positive thinking leads to a positive attitude. The power of positive thinking tells us that if you believe something is possible, it is. Affirmative thoughts believe that the desirable outcome has already occurred. “I look great at 135 pounds” is an affirmative thought. “I will to lose 50 pounds” is positive thinking. Affirmative thinking leaves no doubt in the mind that the desired goal is achievable.

An Affirmative Action Plan

An affirmative action plan is the next step to success. Beyond positive thought, an affirmative action plan will not allow anything negative to interfere. An affirmative action plan is one that is supportive to positive thinking and makes objectives “doable”. Instead of having one long-term goal, such as losing 50 pounds, the goal is divided into much more affirmative increments, like:

  • I drink 8 glasses of water a day”

  • I eat vegetables at every meal”

  • I eat healthy snacks”

  • I exercise everyday”

There is nothing in the above goals that mentions losing 50 pounds. Even though it is not mentioned, all of the actions performed WILL lead to the weight loss that is desired. There is nothing about those statements that causes any doubt, they absolutely occur, without discouragement.

Believe In The Power Of Positive Thinking and Affirmative Action

With positive thinking and an affirmative action plan, anything is within reach. Anything. Any goal can be managed and even embraced. With no room for negativity, none will flourish and success will follow. If you believe it, it becomes true. There is no better way of self-improvement than thinking positive and acting with confidence. Extremely successful, positive people all over the world are who they are because they believe in these principles.

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